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Wellness Hotel- Wellness weekend and hotel

The Zsóry Hotel Fit**** is ensured accommodation for guests and in addition the wellness- fitness section provides calmness to the guests as long as they stay in our hotel.

The guest are able to secede from the grey weekdays therefore the guest 's body and soul can be recreationed in the comfortable wellness section.

Our facilities:

  • Indoor swimming poolmedence_uj.jpg
  • Jacuzzi,
  • Infra and Finnish sauna
  • Air-conditioned gym, new cardio machines
  • Salt bay,
  • Massage
  • (Sport, Relax, Face, Refreshment, Medicinal and other massages)
  • Collective aquatic gymnastics opportunity



The sauna gives strength to the lifestyle change!

Try our infra and Finnish saunas. Infra saunas works on a low temperature and it is adapted for light therapy too. Excreate departs from the organization by sweat and blood supply increases in our body.


The 12 meter long and 4 meter wide swimming pool is 28-29 temperatures.Wellness weekend wellness hotel
It is very good for swim. The swimming pool' s dept is 1,4 meter. Children and less well swimmers can swim in the pool as well.

Near our indoor swimming pool there is a jacussi with water of pleasure temperature. Our Infra and Finnish saunas, salt bay and fitness Centre guarantee the full recreation.

Daily ticket: for Mezőkövesd people: 2 000 HUF/person
The price includes the usage of swimming pool, jacuzzi, Infra and Finnish saunas, fitnesz Centre and salt bay.




Szállodánkban ingyenes használhatja a sókamránkat, mely az erdélyi Parajdi sóbányából származó sóból készült.


Az úgynevezett halpedikűr során doktorhalak egész raja dolgozik a láb bőrének megtisztításán.


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Wellness hotel in Mezőkövesd

Wellness weekend wellness hotelThe real holidays takes two or three weeks. We know with our head and our heart wishes them. At the same time a lot of people may not allow it for themselves. A lot of family can not go to that expense so that they go to the holiday. Together with they can not get off from the place of work, for example two weeks.

But the Zsóry Hotel Fit is ideal for the family or lovers that they stay in a short time. If you choose the appropriate date you will contact to book your accommodation. In the Zsóry Hotel Fit there is besides our indoor swimming pool, a jacuzzi with pleasure temperature water. a infra and Finnish saunas, salt bay and fitness Centre guarantee the full recreation. The fitness Centre is equipped with new cardio machines, dumbbells and prime movers.

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