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In our hotel the guest can try balneology treatment and drinking cures.

Balneology definition:
Balneology includes the different treatments with medicinal water, (not medicinal water alias) thermal mineral water, for example, drinking cures, inhalation, medication bath, fizzy bath.


In this section our experts use magnetic field, ultrasonic, laser, polarized light.

Pysiotherapy definition:
The pysiotherapy applies the nature energies. Its previous name was natural therapy. Nowadays we are able to apply these energies in their original state or we can produce artifically natural energy.


Our massage possibilities:

Medicinal massage('25) :13 euro
Revining massage ('25):13 euro
Chiropractic massage ('25):
(waist, back, shoulder, neck)
13 euro
Volatile oily ('25):
(hawaii, lemon, lavender)
14 euro
Swedish division('25):16 euro
Sport massage ('25):17 euro
Cellulite massage ('25):17 euro
Reflexzone or rather Foot massage ('40):19 euro
Russian - Tibetan honey massage ('25):24 euro
Chocolate massage ('25):25 euro
Swedish full massage ('50):26 euro



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