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Zsóry Thermál hotel

Zsóry Thermal Hotel in Eger Thermal Countryside

medence_uj.jpgEger and surroundings are the richest in thermal and medicinal water on North-Hungary. Eger had favourable geological conditions. But here we can find a lot of natural, cultural, historical and production facilities too. The city is developed by the gate of the southwestern range of Bükk mountain with a specific atmosphere and it is the Heves county’s cultural, economic and political centre.
Eger is part of the Bükk mountain, but we can see the heights of the Mátra from the Castle.

Not all of the visitors who arrived in the country seek accomodation in Eger, because Mezőkövesd is situated 29 kilometres far from Eger, and it also has good programmes for a holiday. Mezőkövesd is the second largest city in Heves county. Guests who arrived Mezőkövesd can visit lots of attractions. Lake Tisza is just a 15-20 minute drive from here . In 20 minutes you can get to Bogács, Tard, Cserépváralja and the Bükk  mountain. The Zsóry Spa and Open-Air Bath which is approximately 300 metres far from our hotel. Here you can visit the medicinal water and the famous sights in Eger and the county.

Zsóry thermál hotel és fürdőThe formation of mineral and medicinal water

In Mezőkövesd and Eger we find a lot mineral and thermal water because the geological conditions are very good. The combination of thermal water decides not only the container rock but the depth they rise to the surface. It is a very interesting phenomenon because it comes over different rocks. The thermal water belongs to the group of Groundwater. Water categorize is very hard, becuase the quality and procession diverges.

The usage of thermal and medicinal water is on top quality in the North Hungarian Mountains.The medical attendance became regular in the spa and mineral baths. In the hotel ’s program there are hygienic counsels, team programs, hiking and family programs. The Zsóry Hotel Fit is suited its thermal solutions to the possibilities of Zsóry Spa and Bath.

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