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The Bükk National Reserve

The Bükk mountain is attached a lot of visitors from year to year, for example the various karst phenomena caves, plant and the curio of fauna. It is the first National Park in the Northem Medium Mountains which was shaped in 1977. The Bükk National Reserve inculudes 43 254 hectares. In the paleozoic and mesozoic the area was a seabed for some 200 millions of years, and sedimentary, as well as volcanic, rocks were formed.

Wind, rainfall and ice created characteristic karst plateaus, gullies, caves, deep ravines and towers of rock. Potholers know of 853 caves in the Bükk, 45 of which are doubly protected. The Bükk has Hungary's deepest cave, the 250 m-deep and 4.5 km-long István-lápai cave.
Prehistoric man's caves (Suba Hole, Szeleta Cave, Istállós-kô Cave) are all too well known for the extraordinary archeological findings unearthed there. The area also treasures: rare species of plants from the last ice age that survived in small pockets under special ecological conditions.

Its variegated flora supports a similarly rich fauna. Within the National Park are 11 locally and 17 nationally protercted nature areas. Hollókő was declared a World Heritage Site in 1989. The Council of Europe awarded the Ipolytarnóc Paleontoligical Association a European Diploma.

The Bodrogzug area is internationally renowned as a home for waterbirds. There are no less than 146 locations of various sizes that have been declared as protected natural sites.


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