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Miskolc is a modern city with large modern housing estates with eleven storeys concrete buildings and large shopping centres like Miskolc Plaza and Szinva Park in its centre.

Castle of Diósgyör

To the west of Miskolc town center lies the district of Diosgyor, the industrial quarter and site of the iron works, the giant machine tool factory and other large concerns. The state co- operative organizations such as the Cultural Centre and Uránia Observatory are also to be found here. However, impressive castle ruins are Diosgyor' s main attraction. It was probably the invading Magyars who erected a fortress on the site of the present castle. This was destroyed by the Mongols in 1241. In 1271 Ban Ernye of Ákos had an oval-shared stone castle built on this raised site. After it had passed into the possession of the throne in 1340, King Louis had the present castle bulit.


Herman Otto Museum

The museum was named after the famous scientist, who made some archaeological excavations in the prehistoric sites of the caves of the Bükk. He wrote also several scientific books on this subject. The centre of the building dates back to the 15th century. Other parts were added between 1669 and 1953. This is one of the best country museums in Hungary. The paleo-archeological collection is based on the relics of the Bükk culture. The arm collection , the department of the history of costumes and the furniture and ceramics collection are unusually rich.

Log Church

The entrance of the churchyard is a beautifully carved so called Székely-gate. There was a wooden church on this spot in 1698, which was rebuilt several times. It was pulled down in 1938 and a new church was built in Székely style.


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