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The most popular excursion site in the Bükk National Park is the Szalajka Valley, where the waters of the Szalajka stream are tumed to a misty veil as they pour accos the 70- metre Fátyol Stepped Cascade. The Open-Air Forestry Museum (Szalajka Valley) displays the life and tools of the charcoal bumers who used to live in the valley. The Lippizaner Horsebredding Excursion present the history of the stud animals grazing in the nearby Csipkésút, and from where the famous Viennese Spanish Ridding School obtains its mounts.

Next door, the stables hold the fines of the stud horses. Orbán House contains prehistoric cave bear and mammoth boneos and a fossilized tree trunk. The bell of the circular neoclassical Calvinist Churc dates from 1488.


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